Washable Reusable Sponge
Washable Reusable Sponge

Washable Reusable Sponge

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Do you reach for a regular store bought sponge when it is time to clean your dishes, wipe your table, or clean your microwave? Store bought sponges trap bacteria over time giving off that distinct sponge smell that makes you throw them away and grab a new one. Plus, they're so expensive!

Save your money for things you actually want to buy and switch to reusables. Reusable sponges are not only better for the enviornment but better for your wallet

Every washable sponge is made with 1 layer of terry cloth soft enough to wipe down dishes and a layer of flannel with a heavy duty mesh strong enough to scrub pots and pans. The inner polyester layer is mildew resistant and easy to clean.

In this listing, you can choose from a single large sponge, a mini sponge, or a combination of both sizes.

Large- 6"x4"
Mini- 4"x3"

The list of things you can clean with these sponges can go on for days but here are a few examples
- washing dishes
- ‎-wiping off counter tops
- ‎cleaning the stove
-cleaning a microwave
-washing windows

Cleaning and caring for your reusbale sponges is easy.

When it is time to wash your sponge, toss it into the washer and dryer with your kitchen or bathroom towels.