Reusable Produce Bags- Set of 3

Reusable Produce Bags- Set of 3

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These bags are a great alternative to single use plastic produce bags and are just as convenient. Reusable Produce bags are great for taking home your delicious produce from the grocery store, farmers market, and even the garden. 

They are easy to use and appreciated by checkers at the grocery store. The produce numbers and barcodes are clearly visible through the nylon mesh and the drawstring keeps everything from rolling out onto the conveyor belt.

You can store your produce in them at home or toss them back into your reusable grocery bags for your next trip to the store.

Each bag is made from strong nylon mesh and have a cotton drawstring. They are a perfect size for all your produce. 

You will get 3 produce bags in this listing. One large & two medium.

Medium measures - approx 8" wide by 10" tall

Large measures - approx 11" wide by 14" tall

When it's time to wash your bags, just toss them into the washer and dryer with a load of kitchen dish towels.