Red & Black Buffalo Plaid Flannel Napkins
Red & Black Buffalo Plaid Flannel Napkins

Red & Black Buffalo Plaid Flannel Napkins

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Ditch your paper napkins, go green!

These soft unpaper napkins are fun, AND eco-friendly! 

Our unpaper napkins are perfect size to replace paper napkins!
~Measure 11x11 inches of single layer cozy cotton flannel.
~Serged & folded over edges ensure a secure hold.
You get 2 napkins in each set.

Keep a stack in the kitchen, have a stash in your car, and toss a few in your purse....Believe me, they come in handy! These are great not only as napkins, but perfect for many other uses...

~Eco Friendly Party Napkins
~School lunch box napkin
~Paper napkin replacement
~Work lunch napkin
~Picnic napkin
~Baby washcloth
~Wipe sensitive runny noses
~Wash sensitive faces
~Hostess gift
~Mealtime napkins
~Housewarming gift
~Cloth diaper wipes

Unpaper napkins are so easy to clean, just toss in the wash with your other kitchen rags and towels. Flannel is super soft yet incredibly durable and absorbent. It will last you MANY years. If switching to paperless napkins, I would recommend between 10 - 15 unpaper napkins per person in your household. Believe me, you will go through that many! (In our home of four, we go through at least 50 a week!) 
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